Build, Brand, Repair

In 2015 MS INTERNATIONAL plc (of which Global-MSI is a division), acquired Petrol Sign bv. Petrol Sign bv. specialises in the branding, and particularly re-branding, of petrol station forecourts across several European countries. Petrol Sign bv. operates from its manufacturing base in Gameren, Netherlands.

Since the acquisition, the Group has formed Petrol Sign GmbH and opened an office in Garbsen, near Hannover in northern Germany. Petrol Sign has also been established in the UK and operates from the Company’s Doncaster and Harlow premises. All of the new companies are operational and have been incorporated into the Group structure. Several new staff appointments have been made and the quality and sign industry experience of these, further demonstrates the Group’s determination to succeed in the forecourt signage industry. Further appointments are currently sought.

In the UK & Ireland, MS INTERNATIONAL plc now offers a full service of corporate branding as well as forecourt structures. Customers can take full advantage of the synergy created by combining structures and signs and place the business with one company. By this joining of forces Customers can place business with either Global-MSI or Petrol Sign, and receive not only structures but now additionally the signs service too. Whether the project involves new structures, or repair, alteration, maintenance or re-branding of an existing structure, the MS INTERNATIONAL group is the one-stop-shop. Petrol Sign has supplied branding to thousands of service stations across many European countries. Global-MSI has supplied thousands of petrol station structures across Europe, and has a library of original drawings dating back to the mid 1960’s. The ability to replace damaged or weathered parts with material identical to that originally supplied, dovetailed with the ability to manufacture and fit the signs too, provides a compelling offer for Customers wishing to undertake maintenance, signage or structural projects.

Right across Europe Customers wishing to repair or rebuild petrol stations no longer require two companies. The MS INTERNATIONAL group will meet all forecourt structure and sign requirements. For further information please telephone +44 (0)1302 361558 or email