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From the simplest single skin canopies to the most complex architectural design, Global-MSI supplies solutions to meet all its’ Customers requirements. Our design team is committed to providing cost-effective schemes to specific Customer demands, whether in the forecourt, industrial or commercial sector.

Shop / Kiosk buildings

Colchester Stanway shop The design, manufacture and installation of steel framed structures for use as forecourt sales kiosks, or for buildings in the commercial and industrial sectors, complete with glazing systems, roller shutters, and personnel doors.





Car wash buildings

Morrison's Car WashGlobal-MSI supplies car wash enclosures to a wide range of specification, from simple housings for rollover units to larger buildings for the most modern conveyor washes. Also available are independent jet-wash frames, complete with either polycarbonate or glass screens.





Repairs and Maintenance

Thrapston BeforeGlobal-MSI has drawing and design information for the majority of the UK’s forecourt canopies, and often the foundation details that support these structures too. So whether our Customers requirement is to raise, extend, repair or maintain their forecourt canopy, the likelihood is that Global-MSI owns the original design details. This enables us to replace damaged or weathered parts with identical materials that maintain the original design intent. Knowledge of original foundation sizes, allows us to determine the feasibility of a canopy alteration without the need to excavate and measure the foundations in situ. Our Surveyors are conveniently located to offer a nationwide service, whether to assess accident damage or to discuss an alteration or refurbishment of an existing structure. Additionally, Global-MSI offers an emergency call out service that is manned 365 days/year 24 hours/day.

Non-forecourt structures /  Industrial buildings

ContegoA Global-MSI canopy can create a valuable covered storage area and offer a dry environment for loading and unloading material or parts, allowing existing premises to be utilised for the Customers business activities. Our industrial canopies incorporate walls and roller shutter solutions, and are totally bespoke to the Customer requirements.



InterationalThrough its operational centres in the United Kingdom, Poland and Ireland, Global-MSI supplies petrol station forecourt structures across Europe and into Africa and the former Eastern bloc.







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