Petrol station canopy alterations and maintenance

Petrol station canopy alterations and maintenance

For those planning to alter or refurbish petrol stations, Global-MSI offers major advantages over others that offer a similar service. Whether the proposed work involves accident damage repair, raising the canopy height, removing the ‘link’ to the sales building, an extension, re-imaging or simply replacing weathered parts, Global-MSI is the contractor of choice for many of the industries leading Customers.

Global-MSI maintains the most comprehensive reference library of original drawings and structural calculations for thousands of operational petrol filling stations across the UK. Accessibility to this unique resource enables a prompt response, providing instant specification definition all in accordance with local regulations when structures on active stations require modification or repair, minimizing downtime, disruption and eliminating expensive intrusive site surveys and multiple site visits.

Not only does Global-MSI have the most comprehensive historical records, anywhere in the UK, the Company also has a highly competent, directly employed team of Surveyors, Structural Engineers, CAD Draughtsmen, Health & Safety Manager, Site Engineers and Contracts Managers that ensure projects are executed in a professional, safe manner, with the absolute minimum of disruption to the operation of the service station.

When considering raising the height of canopy for example, two factors need to be considered initially. Firstly, are the columns of sufficient section size and wall thickness to support the additional loads imposed by the raised condition? Secondly are the foundations of adequate size to support the raised condition? The local councils Building Control Officer may require structural calculations in support of the proposed work. Global-MSI can supply this service, because it is likely to have access to the original canopy details and has 3 structural engineers that are qualified to provide the calculations. Without the combination of this professional support and historical knowledge, other companies will have difficulty satisfying local building regulations. Global-MSI has recently been called out to report on a canopy, originally supplied by Global Canopies Limited, but raised by another. Excessive movement in windy conditions and cracking around the pump islands indicate a lack of consideration given to the above points, that will now require expensive remedial action.

Global-MSI has become increasingly concerned over the standard of canopy repair and maintenance work carried out by companies that have little knowledge of the original canopy design, have no access to the suppliers of original material and do not have professionally qualified engineers to carry out structural calculations in support of alterations. The standard of installation uncovered by Global-MSI’s site engineers during routine maintenance, is of similar concern and indicates a lack of training and experience. Global-MSI has evidence gathered over several years that show numerous examples of sub standard design or workmanship, and on one occasion felt compelled through a duty of care to advise the station operator to close until suitable repair work had been affected. Examples include structural members supplied in several short lengths replacing one original continuous length, secondary steelwork that has failed under loading, structural elements replaced with members that have a lower capacity, gutter sections replaced with insufficient connection to structural members (in some cases wedged into position with timber), electrical cabling damaged through canopy maintenance, rubberized gutter liners concealing badly corroded gutters and so on.

To avoid the potential pitfalls outlined above, we would strongly recommend any Customer that intends carrying out any form of structural alteration or maintenance to their petrol station canopy, to contact Global-MSI. We will provide a competitive quotation and Customers can proceed with full confidence knowing that the original canopy design intent will be fully respected, the correct materials will be used and the project will be managed competently by Global-MSI’s professional team.

For further information please contact:

Martin Steggles MCIOB
Global-MSI plc
Balby Carr Bank
Tel: +44 (0)1302 361558

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