Shell Petts Wood – Global-MSI supplies canopy corporate image signs

Shell Petts Wood – Global-MSI supplies canopy corporate image signs

In February 2012 Global-MSI supplied and installed the Shell canopy at Petts Wood, Orpington, complete with the Shell RVIe Level 1 ‘Teardrop’ shaped yellow fascia image and the illuminated red bar support arrangement. Other canopy elevations received the RVIe Level 3 twin-colour design.

Following successful trials witnessed by Shell and Artelia staff in Global-MSI’s superb modern manufacturing facility in Doncaster and on a trial site in Krakow, Poland, the site at Petts Wood is the first UK canopy to receive this latest innovation from Global-MSI.

As well as being very competitively priced, the supply of Shell’s image fascias by Global-MSI has several major benefits. Firstly, the canopy fascia design has been upgraded. Rather than an open fascia arrangement, the Petts Wood canopy was supplied with closed fascias that will ensure complete weathertightness between ‘signs’ and canopy.

However the most significant advantage was the speed of installation. The image signs were installed in just one day and this was achieved within the programme allowance for the canopy itself. A time of saving of 2 days resulted.

All fascias and teardrop image signs were fitted at ground level with no working at height required at all. Once these were fitted, the whole canopy was lifted onto the previously installed columns using two mobile cranes. Together with the shorter programme duration, this represents a significant reduction in safety exposure hours and risk. In these times of ‘Goal Zero’ in terms of accidents and safety incidents, this is a major step forward.

Global-MSI’s solution contains a design feature specifically requested by Shell at design stage. The top flange of the teardrop is angled back in toward the canopy fascia to prevent water streaking on the ‘Teardrop’ surface. Rainwater can pass down the face of the closed fascia without staining the image sign.

Supplied together with the canopy materials without the need for additional transport & storage costs, the Global-MSI system avoids the problems that can arise when importing goods.  One might also consider it to be an advantage in these difficult times, that the system offered by Global-MSI is a UK design innovation that uses manufacturing skill and labour resources from the home market.


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