Tesco Whitehaven – Cumbria

Tesco Whitehaven, Cumbria

 In June 2011 Global-MSI were approached by Tesco to refurbish the petrol station canopy at Whitehaven in Cumbria. The site is located a quarter of a mile from the Irish Sea coast and the years in this salty marine environment had affected the canopy fabric.

Global-MSI located the original construction drawings in its’ extensive archive of petrol station structures, and this enabled materials to be selected that matched the original design specification. The availability of these drawings allowed work to proceed without the need for a costly intrusive survey that would have delayed commencement and disrupted forecourt operation, whilst detailed measurements were taken.

Over a six-day period, the original undersheeting, gutters and roofsheets were removed from the canopy and replaced with new. In addition the columns were cleaned and repainted with high-quality paint, and the existing vehicular collision damage was repaired.


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